Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl, author and student

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl and apart from being an author I am also a Genetics student and proud Hufflepuff.
On this blog, I write about my novels, my writing projects and tips for aspiring writers. 
Occasionally, there will be book reviews. 

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Currently, two of my novels are published:

A chance encounter on a bench by the Thames brings a precocious redheaded female physics student into a research world dominated by men. When she started to write down her ideas about chaos, the butterfly effect and supersymmetry, the last thing she expected was for anyone to believe in what she was talking about. Balancing her social life, research and studying at university was a challenge she could hardly begin to cope with. How would the professor who ran the research group behave with her? His normal style was to claim all his team's work as his own, or at the very least, use it to help his own son to gain a career advancement at the expense of others. The redhead begins a tortuous journey to bring her work to fruition, where her relationships with her best friend her new colleagues and the Professor are tested to the limit. Will she succeed where many women before her have failed?

Mermaid Quay

The horrors of creatures gone astray are best visible in a beautiful landscape. Nimue Gruffudd and her brothers have found them at Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay. Nimue's brother Arthur's restaurant has seen better days, but the price he demands from others to put it right is beyond what they are prepared to pay. Another brother, Myrddin, has just returned home from Barcelona, but things are no longer the way they were when he left them behind. And forensic pathologist Nimue herself could do with fewer murders out of hours.

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