The Blow-in by Susanne O'Lear: a review

3/5 (because let's be honest, I finished it because I was curious about the ending)

What did not start as very promising turned out to be an excellent read. To be honest, my initial reservations are due to the fact that the book uses short-forms in the prose which is a practice I detest... every since I used them in the first edition of Energy equals milk times coffee squared. But the characters Finola who seems plain when interacting with her family or potential love interests is amazing throughout the rest of the novel. There she is relatable.

I found this book when I need an Irish novel to see, whether I had done any grave mistakes in the Songs of Gore series when writing speaking characters.

By the end of chapter 3 my general opinion of the book could be summarised as:
"If she doesn't get together with the politician, I'll be a very angry reader."

One thing that truly annoyed me was the inconsistent use of regional accents. There are certain ways to have a character's accent reflect the region he comes from and I don't mean James Joyce's extreme way of spelling.

My favourite bit was the following dialogue
"Oh, God. Is this happening?"
"No, it's a dream. I ordered it especially for you."
I just didn't like the characters who said this.

To be honest, in the end, the book was a disappointment. It started bad, went on to be interesting and then really failed in the last 20%.