Quidditch and privacy

I play quidditch. To be precise, I'm a beater for MUQC. No, we don't fly, the snitch is a tennis ball in a sock attached to a person and the bludgers are dodgeballs.

This is us with Preston, Glasgow, and Stirling after a little merc tournament we had in November. I'm the tiny person in the Hufflepuff jumper.

I learned a fair amount about quidditch during the short time I've been playing, so it would be perfect material for an upcoming novel, wouldn't it?
Short answer: no.
Let me elaborate. I love playing quidditch. Since I started playing, being a beater has become an incredibly important part of who I am as a person. I could not detach myself from a character playing quidditch enough to write a novel about them, especially in the genres that I tend to write, You might be asking: But isn't Rose from Energy equals milk times coffee squared very similar to you with being a science student who volunteers in a lab? Yes, I am but Rose was written to be the kind of person that I don't want to be while doing things similar to what I do. I am able to emotionally detach myself from Rose. There's no way, I could do that with a character playing quidditch.for me, writing a character that I identify with is not anything that I'd willingly revise, so writing it would be foolish.

And this is why none of my stories will ever feature quidditch...

At least muggle quidditch. By now it is so different from the Quidditch in the books that I' have no problem writing fanfiction featuring my characters in the Hogwarts teams.