About me

Guiness and my notebook=perfect Friday evening

My name is Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl and apart from being an author I am also a Genetics student and proud Hufflepuff. I was born 1998 in Cologne and live in Manchester now. My debut novel Energy equals milk times coffee squared was released in 2017. In research, I focus on phenotypic plasticity and biophysics. During my time as an author for the German student physics magazine "Detektor", I became interested in the butterfly effect and supersymmetry. In my free time, I now focuss on entirely different ideas: mainly hyperspace, tardigrades and the quantum biology of enzymes.

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Most of my website is about my research but there is also a section about my creative writing.

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Whenever I finish a book, I publish the Pinterest board I made while writing it and there are also boards with writing boards and additional writing advice.

I occasionally run word sprints here but apart from that Twitter is where you can find all of my opinions.

My Tumblr is mostly about mythology and science but my texts there tend to be like a supplement to my blog.

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Any short stories that aren't on Instafreebie can be found here in addition to fancasts for the characters.

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